Fokkema & Partners

Fokkema & Partners are often asked to describe the firm’s chief characteristics. Just naming a single style doesn’t serve to answer this question, since the projects vary so widely. Still, since the start of the firm in 1995 all projects have had one thing in common: a drive for quality that exceeds our clients’ expectations. It’s our ambition to get the most out of a design question on our clients’ behalf – a thorough process that starts in understanding client needs through carefully and methodically trying to come to the core of the matter.

We encourage our clients to come up with considerations and critical questions during the concept development phase. We feel that concept development really is one of the most important phases of the design process, a stage with a clear moment, when the true nature of the solution is determined. It is a phase when out of the box thinking, sharp analysis and down to earth practicality all come together in our effort to constantly raise the bar.

During the next phase of design development we keep utilizing our creative capacities to find solutions which stay away from the obvious but still remain practical. At the end of the day we like to be inspired and have fun, but most importantly we want our client to be proud of our common result. (bron site bureau)

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